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At Equilibrum, we firmly believe that an effective, custom-designed orthotic is essential for returning balance to human biomechanics.

That is why we develop orthotics that are comfortable, esthetically pleasing, efficient and dynamic. Our attention to detail and expertise in biomechanical evaluation and manufacturing has positioned our company as a true leader in our field.

We prefer to offer products that are personalized and adapted to each individual’s needs, rather than mass produce orthopedic appliances, as some manufacturers do, that do not take into consideration the particular needs of each client.

With one of the most enviable reputations in the country, Equilibrum has developed partnerships with various professional associations in the healthcare industry. The trust they have shown in our company makes it possible for us to continuously go beyond the limits of “custom” orthotics and, in the same vein, improve the quality of life for thousands of people.